Online casino is very popular in UK and it’s a product that’s constantly growing and it’s now the most popular gambling product along with betting. On this page we take a look behind the scenes and go through everything that has to do with casino online, so that you can become an online casino expert. You can play casino online in all different devices at hundreds of online gaming sites. handpicks offers from secure and secure online UK casinos.  If you take an offer here, you can feel 100% safe.

Below you’ll find not only information about the online casino product, but also many offers and great bonuses.  So here you will find great welcome offers which you can use directly in your computer, mobile and tablet. With great welcome offers, you get the best possible start at several casinos. Good luck!

Online casino UK 2023

Online casino in UK doesn’t seem to stop growing in 2019. So, we will definitely see more and more casino sites opening up this year. The UK market is regulated with something called the UKGC license. This means that all gambling companies that wants to operate in UK need to apply for this license and also follow all new rules and guidelines. In UK they are very aware of gambling problems and take that very seriously. Therefor sites like BeGambleAware must be visible for customers on an UK casino site. That way players can always be one click away from getting help or stop playing.

In UK there have always been great welcome offers and generous campaigns. This will continue during 2019 as well. New games, better technology and faster payments is also something that will happen this year and onward. So, if you like to play casino online 2019 will be a great year when it comes to everything.

Online casino – what is it?

Online casino is a big product and doesn’t only contain slots, but also live casino, table games and other games. When you take a look at an online casino or gambling site you can see that a lot has happened the past few years and especially in 2017 and 2018. It’s not only casino games that’s being offered, it’s to give a full customer experience. We can see a difference from before and how it is now with the sites. Most of the sites these days offers a loyalty program, VIP-program or stores where you can get money, free spins, bonuses and much more. The competition is harder than ever and therefore we see more benefits for us players.

 The future also looks bright for us players. This as we get more and better campaigns, better terms, more rewards, better and more games, faster sites, more mobile games and much more. So, if you already like online casino now, you will love it in the future.

How to play online casino

In order to play casino online you first of all need to be at least 18 years of age as you’re gambling with real money online. Then you need to have a gaming account which is very easy to get, only takes a couple of minutes. Once you’ve activated your account through email or SMS, you can start using the site. Once logged in you can make deposits and withdrawals, play hundreds of games and use all offers. You can play via your computer, mobile or tablet which means that you can play online casino anywhere in the world. You will also need a good and stable internet connection so that the games won’t be lagging.

In short, you just have to choose one or several gambling sites where you think that the welcome offer and the site looks good.

 You can find a lot of interesting online casinos that you can start with in our offers list.

Online casino with bonus

You can play online casino with different casino bonuses which often are connected to different casino games. The most common bonus you receive at gaming sites is a casino bonus that are connected to different slot machines. With the bonus you get extra money to play with, which gives you more value for the deposited money. That way you can bet a bit bigger and potentially also win bigger. Bonuses are very popular and players that play online casino want to use bonuses just because you get more money to play with, so you have the potential to win big. It’s not only slot machines but also table games and live casino games you can play with bonuses. So, the gambling sites are using separate bonuses for table games and slot machines. That’s why It’s important to read all terms and conditions for bonuses you activate.

You can activate and use casino bonuses in all different devices and with that you can play with bonus money in your mobile, tablet and computer. This is very appreciated by players because lots of players are using different devices. Check out all offers here on this site to take part of many bonuses to online casinos.

Some tips about casino online

When it comes to online casino there are always some things to think about that can help you get more value as a player. Below you can find some tips and tricks that hopefully can help you out when you’re going to play casino online.

  • Choose safe and serious gambling sites and avoid smaller sites
  • Check so that the site has a loyalty program, VIP-program or store for extra value when you’re playing
  • Make sure to read through terms and conditions for all offers, bonuses and free spins that you activate
  • Never play for more than what you can afford to lose as gambling online can be addicting
  • Change games from time to time to try and find a machine that’s “hot”

There’s a lot to say about online casino, but the easiest thing to do is to find one or more sites that suits your type of gambling.

Online casino – free spins

One of the most popular campaigns you can take part of when it comes to online casino is without a doubt free spins. Together with casino bonuses they stand for most of the casino campaigns and offers out there. You can get a lot of free spins at almost all online casinos out there, especially the ones focusing in UK. These websites know that the interest of free spins is big and popular, which makes the online gambling companies invest a lot of money in delivering free spins in everything from their welcome offers to follow up campaigns and in their loyalty programs. With other words, there is a lot of free rounds to be played on many different gambling sites.  You find more information about free spins on the start page.

So, if you like online casino, you will for sure run in to many campaigns with free rounds.

No deposit casino

There are a lot of no deposit casino out there as the sites offers everything from free rounds to free bonuses without depositing. The reason behind this is to get players to sign up through different free offers in order to get players to play. Something that’s very good for us players is that there’s a lot of no deposit casinos to play nowadays. With most of the sites you can get free spins no deposit or money to play with without depositing which means that you can test the site without using your own money. Then there’s also other no deposit offers in some special campaigns and exclusive offers.

It’s also possible to get a lot of free bonuses from loyalty programs where you buy things for points. Free is always nice and on we list several online casinos who offers no deposit free spins and bonuses.

Benefits with online casino

Online casino UK has a lot of benefits for all who likes gambling online or just wants to pass some time. First of all, it’s very easy to access it due to today’s technology. You can play casino online through any of your devices. That means that you can play from anywhere as long as you have internet and a smartphone. So, compared to a land based casino there’s a lot of benefits when playing online casino.

  • You gain access to thousands of slots, table games and more through your mobile, tablet and computer.
  • Normally you have a better return to player on online slots compared to land-based slots.
  • You’ve got a lot of offers, campaigns, loyalty programs etc that gives you more value.
  • You can also play live casino in real time on real tables for a real-life experience.
  • You can have several accounts at different gambling sites at the same time.
  • Big jackpots to win as thousands of players can play the same slots machine.

This is some of the reasons of why online casino is as popular as it is today. You do lose the social part that you get inside a land-based casino of course.

Cons with online casino

When it comes to cons, or at least fewer positive things around casino online you should first know that everything that is online differs much from what is land based. You can ask questions about the security around your personal details, but as land-based casinos also use the web to store their databases it’s a quite even fight when it comes to security. Below you can see some of the negative things with casino online.

  • You lose the social part when your gambling online. Therefore, you usually get a better experience when playing in a land-based casino.
  • Some sites online charge you for deposits and withdrawals.
  • The waiting time to get your withdrawal to your bank account. Sometimes it can be quicker withdrawals of course if your account has been completely verified.
  • There are some sites who are not serious as same rules and control doesn’t exist to a full extent online.
  • It’s easier to play for more than what you can afford as it doesn’t feel like real money or chips in your hand.

You might have other things to add to this list. However, this is at least what I think is the negative aspect when it comes to online casinos. A lot of people still prefers land-based casinos and a lot prefers online casino. It’s really up to you what you think yourself, but the most important thing is to have fun.

No account casino online

Something that has become quite popular in some markets during 2017/18 is no account casino online which makes it possible to play casino online with real money without registering an account. With this option you don’t have to give out details such as email and phone number. This is something that is available on some of the Swedish sites due to their special Bank ID app. With this app, you basically login through your bank and the site will gather your personal details through the app/bank. It’s a very easy and nice way to login/create an account on an online casino. With this function there’s also other benefits:

  • You don’t have to give out your email or phone number.
  • No need to remember login details.
  • Always safe payments.
  • Fast pay-outs without verification of your account.
  • Tax free winnings.

There is lots of positive things with this as you can see. Unfortunately, this is not something that is available on the UK market just yet. Hopefully something similar will come in the near future however. Although there might be something that is a bit negative with this as well. As you don’t register with your email or phone number, there is no way for the site to contact you for future offers etc.

We’ll have to wait and see when or if this comes to the UK casinos.

UK casinos online

As a player in the UK you want to play on a UK casino and the site should have GBP as a currency as well. This is what would define the casino into being a UK casino. The most important thing when we’re playing online is that we are safe and secure. Therefore, it’s important that you play on sites with the correct gambling license that keeps you 100% secure. Not all sites offer this and it’s therefore important to choose the right casino online when you want to play.

An example could be if you win big on a small casino that doesn’t have the UKGC license. Problems that you can have with this could be that the payment might take a long time before it’s payed out and you might have to pay taxes on the winnings. Also, they might not be able to afford to pay out the whole amount at once. You also never know if the site will survive. Lots of online casinos goes bankrupt or run in to other problems.

 Therefore a UK casino has a valid UK Gambling Commission license. These sites are usually owned by a bigger company, so they have an economical security and better technology which gives the players more safety. They also offer better terms and offers on their sites. Here on we care about responsible gaming, so if you need help you can visit for example BeGambleAware.

Casino online in mobile & tablet

A lot of players who play casino online prefers to do so through a mobile or tablet. This as they are so powerful these days that they can do almost anything. Everything from quick browsing online to playing games and using various apps. The gambling sites are well aware of this and has developed and optimized their mobile sites so that you can play through your mobile. Now days you can play hundreds of slots, live casino and other games on your mobile devices.

The best thing for us who likes online casinos is that it all the time gets better. You have new games all the time, more games adapted to your mobile and the sites launches downloadable apps along with really nice and optimized mobile sites. This as well as all campaigns also works through your mobile & tablet. The future for online casino therefore looks really bright.

New online casinos

Several times per year there are new online casinos popping up from different companies. Some creates a whole new company with the sites and some older companies starts up new sites. For the people who likes online casino it’s positive as you can get more bonuses and offers. The new sites usually create their own unique loyalty program which rewards you while playing. There will therefore always be more sites all the time that delivers casino online which is positive. Something to keep a track of is that all of the sites are not 100% serious. It’s always good to google the site before if you’re unsure. At we only list safe and secure alternatives, so you don’t have to worry.

What you then can expect from new online casinos is that they:

  1. Gives you a new welcome offer and lots of extra campaigns to tempt you as a player.
  2. New functions or loyalty programs which can give you really nice and interesting rewards.
  3. An interesting experience as everything is new.

Don’t forget to get to know the site properly in order to make sure that it’s 100% legit and secure.

Online casino 2018

So, what can we expect from 2018 when it comes to casinos online and gambling sites online. First of all, we will see more gambling sites with new welcome offers and other fun things. Since the UK market is regulated it got rid of some smaller sites. However now it looks like some smaller sites are coming back as they feel like they want a piece of the market. The market is very big, and it can of course be very profitable to offer gambling for UK players. I think we can see even more site during the year of 2018 who pops up with a UKGC license.

This is not only bad news, actually quite the opposite. This as you will have more welcome offers and campaigns from both new and older sites with a new license. With more gambling sites offering games on the market, the competition will tighten up and the offers should also become even better because of this. We’ll have to wait and see but it looks like another good year for online casino.

Play online casino responsible

Online casino is a product that can be addictive and cause serious problems. This is something that taking very seriously. Therefor we list some guidelines below that can be good to follow or at least think about when you will play casino online.

  • Make sure to never play for more money than you can afford to lose because there are never any guarantees that you will win. A tip is to put a deposit limit on your account.
  • If you feel that you gamble too much, you can get help. You can check out sites like that can help you with a potential gambling problem.
  • Do not chance losses if you have had a bad run. That’s when most of the big losses occur, so rather take a break or play another day instead.
  • Play together with friends as a social thing and never hide that you gamble. Sometimes you’re your worst enemy, especially in bad times and then you might take bad decisions on your own.
  • Never borrow money to play online casino or to any other gambling.
  • Don’t believe you will win very big and change your life when playing randomly. If you want to win real big money you need to play jackpot games. But there the chances of winning a jackpot are very low. Have that in mind when playing.

So, to all players out there, make sure to gamble responsible and never put yourself in any uncomfortable situations.

Summary of online casino

Online casino is a very popular product, and it will become bigger and bigger going forward. More and more are playing online in general and therefore more players will go towards casinos online. On this site you’ve been able to read about everything about online casinos as well as find lots of offers to both new casinos and older gambling sites. So, check the offers list above and choose on or more sites to try out. Good luck with the gambling and play responsibly.

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