Here at you will find thousands of free spins and great casino bonuses to everything from new casinos to old classic UK casinos Only safe and secure UK sites are listed here. Free spins deals are highly sought after and you will find them in everything from welcome packages to special promotions and loyalty programs. has a mission to constantly look for fun and interesting offers and campaigns that all visitors can take part of.

We deliver when it comes to everything from no deposit free spins to regular deposit spins. So no matter if the gambling community calls it casino spins, freespins, free rounds or anything else, we have what you’re looking for. Check out everything below!

Free spins 2023

The years goes by very quickly and 2018 will be an interesting year when it comes to free spins and UK gambling sites. With more and more focus towards freebies it’s set to become the best “free spins-year” ever. So we will see a lot of new sites and generous freespins offers. Since the UK market is a regulated market, you can always know that the offers are fare and you always know what to expect from them.

The change towards a regulated market has made the market to a more safe place. You gave better quality casinos offering gambling for the UK market than before when there initially was no proper restrictions. This in turn will give you better offers as the casinos that actually do operate on the market will take it very seriously. It is somewhat a costly business and therefore their welcome offers always has to be competitive, which then gives you better and better offers.

So the sites stay competitive with offers and they will continue to do so going forward. This is hopefully good for the free spins business so that we get better offers from all the different sites.

Free spins no deposit

Probably the most popular form of freebies is free spins no deposit. As you can hear from the name of it, you get them completely for free. You can therefore spin away on one or several slots without depositing money. From what we can see the gambling sites are focusing a lot on these free spins with no deposit required. This has especially been in 2017 and 2018 and onward looks to be even more focused towards it. So if you like to spin for fun, you’re sure to like our top list above with lots of free spins without deposit on serious and good gambling sites. This is how it work:

  • Register an account where you get no deposit free spins.
  • Make sure to verify your account via email or phone number.
  • Check the terms & conditions for the offer so you know exactly how it works.
  • Visit the slot machine where you should get your free rounds, then start spinning.

Its very simple, just register and start to spin. These offers also work in all devices, so you can use them in your computer, mobile and tablet.

How no deposit free spins works

Now that you know more about free spins without deposit, let’s go in to how it works. The different gambling sites usually offers no deposit free spins for their new players. This is a great way for new players to be rewarded for signing up with the specific gambling site. What you need to do is quite simple. You’d need to register through the offer where you have read about these spins. Once you’ve created an account, you usually just need to open the slots machine where the free rounds are located. Some sites does have a “Rewards” page where you might have to activate them before you can start playing them. There’s also some sites where you’d need to contact customer service in order to receive your spins.

If you would have any problems with the activation of the free spins, make sure to contact customer service who are happy to assist you accordingly.

no deposit free spins

Deposit free spins UK

deposit free spins

The most usual way to gets spins is from deposit free spins from different welcome offers and other campaigns. A lot of sites of course try to offer free spins no deposit as well, but they are usually just a few spins. Those spins are more to let new players try out the site before they deposit. So if you want to maximize the value and get a bigger number of free spins you should make a deposit and use the welcome offer. The reason is simple: the welcome offer almost always has the most amount of spins which means that it can be worth to activate them with a small deposit.

 This is how you activate deposit free spins:

  • Find an offer that gives you free spins when deposit.
  • Read terms & conditions so you know exactly how much you need to deposit, if you might need any bonus code and in which game(s) you can use your free rounds.
  • Use the bonus code or make the deposit without bonus code if you get the spins automatically.
  • When the deposit is done, you have activated your free spins and you can start playing.

So its easy to get started and the gaming sites always try to make things as simple as possible. This to avoid complications or issues for their players.  At we always bring you new gambling sites and we only list the best offers. So if you are willing do make a deposit, you can get thousands of deposit free spins.

Free spins today

Something that a lot of players wants is free spins today. You will find a lot of daily campaigns that’s giving you freebies. Often there will be daily freespins campaigns on the gambling sites own website or they will communicate this to you via email or SMS. So in order not to miss out on this, you can signup on several different sites and check their campaign pages. You can also keep an eye out in your email inbox of course for other offers. The best time for free spins today is probably in December when almost all sites offers you a new campaign each day in their Christmas calendar.

It’s also possible to buy freebies daily from the sites stores by using loyalty points. In this case you need to be an active players and of course play on a site with a loyalty store.  We will show you where you can play these free spins in our top list of online casinos that gives you different freespins offers.  To signup with these gambling sites is perfect for you who likes free spins today.

How to play casino free spins

If you’re visiting this website you’ve probably played casino free spins or other casino games before and knows how it works already. However if you’re a new player and wants to learn more about how it works you should continue reading. Free spins is then connected to slots machines online so it’s a casino we’re talking about here. You can play casino in you mobile, tablet or computer and there are currently hundreds of gambling sites who offers freespins on different slots from different game providers. The casinos give you these freebies in welcome offers, loyalty programs, special offers, competitions and other campaigns. So if you’re interested in casino free spins, internet is the place for you and we want to help you out. Below you see exactly how it works:

  • First, you need to take part of an offer that gives you casino free spins.
  • After that you need to meet any requirements to get your free rounds.
  • Visit the correct slot machine and start spinning away.

You can activate these spins in computer, mobile and tablet. So if you like casino free spins, then the internet is heaven for you and are here to help you out.

 Check out our top list with offers where you can find thousands of freespins on different slots.

NetEnt free spins

The game developer NetEnt has been spoiling us throughout the years with some of the bests slots out there. They’re also the leading authority when it comes to free spins. If you’ve been browsing around in the casino world you’ve probably noticed yourself that most of the freespins are being offered and played on slots from NetEnt. You will find NetEnt free spins at most sites now days and they’re being offered in everything from the welcome offer to loyalty campaigns. The slots are very popular as NetEnt are famous for delivering beautiful and fun games. They also have a lot of games to offer.

We make sure that you find lots of freespins on different games from NetEnt on this website.

Free spins in mobile & tablet

To play free spins on your mobile or tablet becomes more and more popular. We’re constantly moving towards a more modern society and the gambling sites develops and optimizes their mobile sites all the time. You can play mobile casino free spins at almost all gambling sites now days. This along with the welcome offers and almost everything else also works via mobile.

 We say “almost all” because some special campaigns are only running on the desktop. Like for example hit spins and super spins. To get easy access to the gambling site via your mobile you access it through an downloadable app or through your browser.

During the year of 2018 we will constantly see more and more freespins being offered in your mobile and tablet. This so that you can spin no matter where you are. Spin while you’re in your bed, on the sofa, at the cabin or wherever you feel like.

Play on Android

There are currently lots of mobile phones and tablets using Android software today. So if you want to play casino free spins on your Android device you can do this at almost all casino sites. All casinos are working on having as good mobile site as possible for their players. This of course so that you can use both your mobile and tablet for gambling. Android has a wide range of smartphones with everything from Samsung and Huawei to Sony and HTC. If you happen to have one of these you can be sure that you can play thousands of free spins on hundreds of sites out there. Sometimes there will be an app that you can download but usually it’s easier to visit the site through your browser. When you are on the mobile site you can spin freebies through your Android easily on several different mobile games.

Spin on Apple iPhone & iPad

In case you have an iPad or iPhone and wants to spin casino free spins you have all opportunities to do so. As most knows, our mobiles and tablets are soon more powerful than a standard laptop. Especially if we take iOS as an example that’s very powerful and quick in the newer models. Almost all welcome spins and other freebies will work directly in your iPhone and iPad. This as most slots are optimized for your mobile devices. In short, you just have to visit the site through your browser to start playing. It will be easy, nice and fun while playing freespins on your Apple product.

Free spins no wagering

Free spins no wagering has become more popular and has become a standard at many gambling sites. Just a couple of years ago there were just a few sites who offered freespins without any wagering requirement. Now during 2018 however, we see that more and more removes the wagering requirement from their free rounds. The feels that you get from this is that the competition is harder than ever and wagering requirement isn’t anything that is appreciated by the players. Therefore more and more gambling sites starts removing this if they haven’t already. No wagering free spins explained:

  • You get your free rounds as usual with different betting level.
  • That the free spins are without wagering you will first see when the winnings from your free rounds are without any requirements what so ever.
  • So when you used your spins, you can do whatever you want with the winnings you got.

If you are unsure whatever free spins are with or without wagering requirements, just read the terms & conditions for the offer or contact the customer support and they will help you. Usually the sites are very clear regarding this, so it should be easy to find. really likes  this development and keeps hoping for more free spins no wagering going forward.

Free spins wagering requirement

A lot of free spins has a wagering requirement because all sites don’t give out completely free freebies. If you’re unsure of how it works with wagering requirements, here’s an example. Let’s assume that you ger 20 freespins without deposit when you signup at a gambling site that you start to spin. If you would win £5 from these spins and the wagering requirement is 20x on these freebies. You have to in this instance bet £5 x 20 = £100 before you can make a withdrawal. It sounds worse than what it is because every spin you make will count towards the wagering. So with some luck you might hit some nice bonus rounds and you won’t have a problem finishing the wagering requirement.

In a perfect world you win a smaller amount with the free rounds and bigger amounts once you start the wagering. There is always information about the wagering in the bonus terms for each campaign so make sure to check that out.

Unique free spins

In modern times we’ve gotten many different free spins with different names and meanings. There are for example some freespins that has a higher value per spin instead of the lowest level which is standard. These spins are usually called Super Spins or similar. There are also something that’s called Hit Spins which means that you get to spin for free on a slot until you reach the bonus round. When you reach the bonus round, you get to keep all winnings from that round which can give you some nice winnings.

We can see that more and more sites offers different types of spins which is always good for us players. You might wonder how you can get you hands on these Super Spin etc? Well there are some sites that actually offers this in their welcome offer and on their websites.  A tip is to keep an eye out on the sites after these unique free spins to maximize the value as a player.

Free spins 2017

Something that we could see is that 2017 was a really good free spins year. The reason was good competition together with all the new casinos and new offers. More and more gambling sites offers no deposit spins and freespins on deposit in their welcome offer. You can also tell that the sites focuses a lot on marketing as well as customer loyalty. That usually gives you extra spins on top of the welcome offer.

No matter if you play via your mobile, tablet or computer there has been thousands of free spins during 2017 and this will continue this year. There really isn’t any better time for us who loves to spin for free online.

Casino Spins – harder requirements

Recently we have seen a change in how gambling sites communicates around casino spins. This as the word “free” isn’t really true in some cases. This has resulted in much more clear communication when it comes to free spins. When communicating around this it usually has to be more clear than it needed before. UK is really good when it comes to player security.

Games and online casinos is very big and popular in many countries. With this it’s also important for the sites to run a fair play for their customers. So instead to promise free spins, some sites are now changing name to casino spins. No matter what the spins are being called, it’s always good to read the terms. It will help you in the long run.

Responsible gambling with free spins

18+ responsible gambling

When it comes to free spins and different online casino games its all about not play too much. When the fun stops, stop. That’s what the gambling companies in UK are showing in their commercials and promotions. Gambling and casino should be fun and you should never play for more than you can afford to lose. You cant lose money when spinning free spins because it doesn’t effect your balance during the spins. However, it may cause more gambling in a later stage. So below you find some guidelines from

  • Let casino be fun and a fun product. Don’t let it go from fun to boring because of big losses.
  • Put limits on your account – you can choose how how much you can deposit / play for every day, week or month. This way you have full control over your potential losses.
  • Never chase losses and do not increase the stakes to win your money back.
  • Never borrow money to gamble with, don’t put yourself in debt.
  • If you need to talk to someone or feel like you gamble too much you can visit sites like to get help.

So keep gambling on a fun level, especially when it comes to free spins. There are thousands of no deposit free spins out there, so you actually don’t have to even deposit to play free rounds. Play responsible and enjoy all the fantastic offers out there.

Tip from

I’d like to give some tips below to help all players to get some extra value form the gambling sites.

  1. Use both free spins without deposit and the welcome offer on the first deposit.  The reason is that you usually get a better freespins offer on your first deposit. You also can’t make a withdrawal without a deposit. So it’s definitely worth it to deposit £10 – £20 to get some extra spins.
  2. Spend a few minutes on reading about the welcome offer and the free spins. You can also read the terms and conditions so you know exactly what applies.
  3. Test several different sites and use their welcome offers. Also make sure to use their special offers sent to you via email and SMS.
  4. Check the campaign site for daily and weekly offers. Most sites usually run frequent campaigns that is communicated on the website.
  5. Have fun and only play for money that you can risk. Casino can go up and down so don’t play for money that you’ll miss if you lose it.

Why is good for you is for you who like online casino and especially free spins. We only list websites with a valid gaming license so that you as a player can feel safe. When it comes to offers for casinos we try to fins the best welcome offers there are for UK players. I can guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed with the free spins that we have here on our website. Because casinos have the best offers we’re focusing fully on this. However should you wish to play bingo instead, you can check out who focuses 100% on online bingo, bingo bonuses and free bingo.

We also do reviews of the sites that we promote to go through positive and negative things about them. This will help you to choose a site that suits you the best. Something that’s important for me personally is that us players gets the correct information. Therefore the list with all offers will always be up-to-date and won’t misguide you.

Good luck with the spins!

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