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The online casino market in Canada

BY JONAS · 23/07/2021

This article is all about the online casino market in Canada. Casino online in Canada is growing in popularity every year. In fact, it’s a worldwide trend for gambling as technology continues to evolve. So without modern technology, including super smartphones, computers and high-speed internet, people wouldn’t gamble so much online. So what can players expect from their casino market now and in the future?

First and foremost, the Canadian gambling market online is a bit of a “gray zone.” It means there is no real regulation issued by the government, so the doors are open for numerous companies to conduct their online gambling business there. But to operate there, the companies and operators still need to have a valid gambling license. In summary, even though the government doesn’t strictly control the market, most companies are serious players. Many of them are offshore companies, operating from other countries and have offshore-licenses for gambling. So the sites are safe, secure and offer fair play to its players.

“We think the best license gets issued from MGA (Malta Gaming Authority,) and there are many websites in Canada with that license.”

Positive things with the market as it is

The online casino market in Canada can be very beneficial compared to 100% regulated markets. Below we go through some pointers on why that is.

  • Welcome offers, Bonuses & free spins – Players in Canada are getting numerous and generous offers. And these offers can be activated many times and at more than one deposit.
  • Loyalty / VIP programs – Will reward members for playing on the website. There will be many sites that offer various kinds of loyalty / VIP programs.
  • A wider range of games – Players can enjoy all casino games from game providers worldwide with no real limitations. Sometimes regulated markets force game providers and sites to remove some casino games.
  • Generous promotions – Claim more offers, cashback, competitions and more at most casino-sites.
  • No deposit offers – Try play casino games with either free bonus cash or no deposit spins.
  • Multiple new casino websites – Every year, new companies and websites will focus on casino online. Its easier to launch in Canada than a regulated market.

These are most of the main benefits that Canadian players can enjoy as it is. But the future can look very different if the market gets 100% regulated. So players in Canada should be very grateful.

Are there any negative things?

Well, yes, and no, it depends on who you ask. For example, unregulated markets can be challenging to navigate for people with gambling problems. Also, no taxes get collected from profits made by offshore companies. And unregulated markets will attract som unwanted unserious companies. But all in all, if we look at what has happened in the UK and Sweden since those markets got regulated, we can’t say it’s negative to be unregulated. The regulation has almost ruined the whole online casino market there. And we don’t want that to happen for the Canadian market. It’s like this: When the government shall rule and decide everything, it never ends well.

In summary, we believe that governments and countries regulate the online gambling market mainly to collect taxes. Additionally, as we can see in Sweden, for example, to benefit the “state gambling site” (killing the competition.) That way, even more money will go straight into the state treasury. So there are much more positive than negative things if we look at the whole picture.

Thoughts about the future

We have already touched on this subject when looking at the gambling markets in Sweden and the UK. The future might bring some complicated regulations for Canada as well. But we’ll have to wait and see what happens. Other than that, we believe the online casino market looks promising. Companies are investing a lot of money every year. With that comes a fantastic casino product with the world’s best casino games, offers and other promotions that benefit the players.

In conclusion, when we see a regulated market in Canada, let’s hope it won’t turn out like Sweden and the UK. It can also stay semi-unregulated, but we doubt that will happen. So we might have to be prepared for a full regulation onward. But until then, the future looks golden, especially for the players.

Casino games and game providers

Without casino games, there would be no online casino market at all. Therefore, game providers are an essential part of the industry. People might not think about that, but let’s look at one interesting example. We can find both Evolution Gaming and NetEnt on the stock market as public companies. And when looking at their valuation, we see why game providers are indispensable for the casino market.

Evolution Gaming’s valuation mid 2020: Approx. SEK 120,000,000,000 (120 billion SEK). Thats over CAD 18,000,000,000 (18 billion CAD).

And Evolution Gaming only focuses on Live Casino until recently when they acquired NetEnt. So there are super-high valuations on the companies that create and provide the casino games.

In Canada, players can enjoy all games from the best game providers within all categories.


We want to summarize the casino market like this: Huge potential (for both players and companies), generous offers & promotions, the best technology & casino games together with exceptional seriousness from the casino-companies. So players in Canada get great value from online casino websites nowadays. Let’s hope it stays like that for a long time onward.

Enjoy the great games and sites out there. If you want welcome offers to various Canadian casinos, click here to check the latest top list.

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